How to use Qooapp App?

If you are a game lover, you will find it incredibly easy to download games that are meant for the English-speaking audience from Google Play. You only need to search for the game of your choice, download the game, and install it. You are good to go.

Nevertheless, it can become a little tricky if you want to download a game with location restriction. This is because some games are restricted to some geographical locations due to some factors such as language issue. The developers also sometimes place this restriction on a game due to the need to translate the game, enhance it, and probably update the app to meet up with the local regulations and law.

However, you can find your way around this problem and install Asian apps and games from Korean, Chinese, and Japanese Play Store. Most people take advantage of a third-party app to download these games. The downside of such a move is exposure to the virus. Such apps may infect your device with the virus via an apk file.

Rather than that path, you have two options:

  1. Change the VPN of your device to that an IP address of a country where the app is legal.
  2. The better option is to use the Qooapp apk. This method is safer and simpler.

The objective of this article is to give you a detailed guide on how to download the app and use it to increase your gaming experience.

What is Qooapp app?

For years, Google Play has been the foremost go-to-market for downloading hottest mobile games from Japan, Korea, and China. However, there is going to be a shift in power as the Qooapp is poised to be the biggest name in the Asian market. It supports games from the above countries as well as India.

If you want a one-stop store for all Asian video games, don’t look further than Qooapp. From the app, you can download any number of Android games directly to your smartphone or tablet. You can choose games for downloading from popular brands such as Saint Seiya, Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and other reputable franchises.

To make this app attractive and easy-to-use for game lovers, it comes with an attractive user interface. The interface is sectionalized into several tabs. The first tab contains a list of video games according to their degree of popularity. The second tab lists the games that are yet to be released but are coming very soon. Featured events are listed in the third tab.

It is not mandatory that you sign up before downloading games from this app. You only need to choose your favorite game and tap the download button. In a few seconds, the game will be downloaded on your device. After the downloading is successful, continue playing your game for free.

When looking for videos games that are region-specific, Qooapp provides you with the best alternative. You can download most of these videos in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

How to download and Use the Qooapp App?

Downloading this app is not a rocket science. You can use the Qooapp APK download for downloading the app to your device and get around English restrictions placed on games for the non-English audience.

To do this, simply search the app, download and install it. When you are through with the downloading, you are good to go. Note, however, that you can’t get the app from Google Play. Google search will give you a list of sites where you can easily download the app.

You have two options here. You can either download the app directly on your mobile device or download it to your PC and then transfer it to our mobile device through USB.

Run the app after installing the Qooapp on your device. Once the installation is complete, launch the app, and you have free access to tons of Asian video games. Start downloading these games and have fun.

Note: If your phone browser or device finds it challenging to open the website or the download does not start automatically, you have the option of downloading the app on your PC. When you are through with that, upload the downloaded app to Mediafire. You can also use Mega or other related services. To get the app on your mobile, type the URL on your mobile device, and you will get the app on your mobile device.

Is the app safe?

I will answer this question with a resounding yes. It is important to answer this question because the question is often asked on forums as potential users are concerned about the security and safety of the app.  To allay such fear, we have analyzed the app critically, and it has been verified “Completely Safe” for installation and use. This is because no special permission is required to use the app. No access to your messages, data connection, contacts, call records, or gaming history is required for permission. You simply download the app and play.

The Qooapp is a very easy-to-use Chinese app that has proved to be a trusted alternative to Google Play Store for downloading Asian mobile games. What is more, the app keeps track of the popular Asian android releases immediately after their release. It uses the information to automatically update the APK.

Some other amazing features of this app that you will find attractive include:

  • It offers game lovers a platform where they can search and download games according to language and genre without any restriction.
  • You can download any game of your choice on your device from the app without limitations.
  • The Qooapp iOS apk also boasts of screenshots capability.
  • Just like Google Play, the app also has user ratings. You can use this feature to check out the performance of the app as people give sincere reviews of the app.

The only con of the app is language limitation. Most times, the descriptions are done in another language. Most of the games are available in Chinese and other non-English languages.

So, if you are looking for a good alternative to Google Play Store for Asian video games, you have it. The app will open a floodgate of video games for your playing pleasure.