SnapSave: The Best App to Save Snapchat Stories and Pictures

Social networking in 2017 is the biggest business opportunity. Apparently, you can reach thousands of people without actually having an office or a home even. All you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. Speaking of Social Networking, it wasn’t meant to be business related all the way as what it was intended to do is to allow people to help in interaction with each other. We can basically classify social media into three types of the timeline. The initial period when Orkut and Yahoo used to be the king of the hill, then Facebook came and changed everything. In phase two, WhatsApp came into the world which allowed users to chat with their close ones. Competition increased, and applications like Instagram and Snapchat started to pick up some pace when it comes to their users. Then came the Phase three where most of the famous applications started rolling out business profiles in order to improve businesses of different firms.

What is SnapChat?

While we are at it, Snapchat is still very original when it comes to its sole purpose, Stories. Snapchat was started in the year 2011, but it was initially used as an adult dating service before that. After a major takeover, it was completely transformed into a service which can be used by users to upload pictures or videos of themselves and showcase their life and activities to people.

One of the best thing about Snapchat is that it doesn’t allow users to store or save snaps of other users, which somewhat helps in maintaining the privacy of users. Even though Snapchat users love this feature, there are a lot of them which seems to be not a huge fan of this restriction. Well, if you want to capture someone’s picture on Snapchat then you can easily do a screenshot of that but that way the owner of the picture will get to know that a screenshot was being done of his/ her picture and can easily keep track of who captured it.

Similarly, if you are talking to someone through Snapchat’s chat area, then you will come to realize that Snapchat also auto clears the chat and its media. Even if you take a screenshot of that chat, the other person will know that a screenshot was taken.

Snapchat is most famous for its funny looking filters which are a lot more fun than they actually seem to be. It is so popular that people have started making their vlogs and became famous and the next thing you know, they are working with Ekta Kapoor to make a TV show.

How to save Pictures from Snapchat?

So, what if you are one of those who loves Snapchat but doesn’t want to be restricted by those petty restrictions. Well, if you are one of those then we have just the thing for you. The thing is, there are hacks for almost anything you want. Be it getting likes on your Facebook post or more followers on Instagram, you can get it all done, and when you have an Android smartphone, then the process becomes even simpler as Android Operating System allows us all to sideload applications which are not present in the Google Play Store. Some of these applications which have been removed from the Play Store are malicious applications, and others are those which violate Google Play Terms and Conditions like Copyright infringement and more.

How to Download SnapSave Apk?

Sadly, SnapSave is one of those applications which you cannot find in the Google Play Store anymore. The reason behind it is that it violates the privacy agreement of Snapchat and Google Play Store as well. So, what do you have to do to get SnapSave on your device? Well, you can easily download SnapSave Apk on your Android Device and install it to get going. SnapSave Apk can also be downloaded on your laptop or computer and then later you can transfer SnapSave Apk to your Android smartphone.

What is SnapSave?

SnapSave is an application for Android OS which basically allows Snapchat account holders to download any picture or video of the ones they follow. Snapchat doesn’t allow this practice as it voids their privacy agreement, but SnapSave allows you to do just so, which is the only reason why it is not available to download from Play Store. Snapchat also allows users to chat with friends and when they are done talking, Snapchat servers automatically clears out the chat history. It even clears out the media files like pictures or videos from the chats. Luckily, through SnapSave, you can also save the media files that are being sent to you in the personal chat area. Snapchat is definitely the Best app to save Snapchat stories and pictures.

How to Install SnapSave Apk?

To install SnapSave Apk, you will need to prepare your Android smartphone to be able to side load applications. Don’t worry, you will not have to root your device for this purpose, but just a little trickery is needed to proceed further with the installation of SnapSave Apk.

1.     Download and locate SnapSave Apk

To Download SnapSave Apkclick here. After finishing the downloading, all you need to do is locate the Apk file and tap on it.

2.     Give appropriate permission

As soon as you tap on the SnapSave Apk file, you will encounter an error which will say that your device doesn’t allow installation of applications from external sources. You can change this by going into the settings menu of your device. In the settings menu, you will find ‘Security’ or ‘Fingerprint and passwords’ option. Tap to enter and scroll down to the bottom-most screen where you will see a toggle button for permitting to install applications from sources other than Google Play Store. All you have to do is toggle on that button, and you are good to go.

3.     Complete the installation

Now, go back to the downloaded SnapSave Apk file and tap to start the installation again. When the application is successfully installed, you can open it to enjoy restriction free Snapchat.

How does SnapSave work?

If you are searching for How to save pictures from Snapchat on the internet, then you don’t have to do it anymore as SnapSave is the Best app to save Snapchat stories and pictures. As you have successfully installed the SnapSave Apk, the next thing to do is to learn How to save pictures from Snapchat. It is no rocket science behind learning this application as when you will open the SnapSave application for the first time, you will see the similar looking login page that appears on Snapchat app except there will be a troll emoticon appearing in the centre of the screen. Tap on log in to fill in your registered Email ID or Username from Snapchat and after filling it, fill in the password. Before proceeding further, do note the following important points;

  • Users can log into both the applications, Snapchat and SnapSave in the same device.
  • Users can open both the applications at the same time as well but as soon as they will switch from one app to another, the first application will automatically log out your account.
  • To download Snaps, the first thing to keep in mind is not to open them in Snapchat. Doing that will disable the SnapSave application to download those stories which have been seen using the official application.
  • In order to download videos or pictures from the SnapSave app, tap on the download button which is present at the bottom left corner of the screen. This will give you a list of all the available files, be it videos or pictures, that are available for download.
  • After downloading is initiated and finished, users can find the downloaded files in the ‘My Story’ folder of their devices.

How to use SnapSave?

As we have established that SnapSave is the best app to save Snapchat stories and pictures, now, it is the time to actually see how it works.

1.     Log in

SnapSave have a similar looking login page as that of Snapchat. You can easily log in to SnapSave but filling in your User ID and Password and voila, you are all set.

2.     Watch and download

After logging in to your SnapSave account, you will notice an old school type looking user interface. Yes, SnapSave looks old school but it definitely works in its own way. You can simply tap on the stories button from the navigation bar located at the bottom of the SnapSave user interface. Doing that will reveal all the Snapchat stories that you haven’t seen in the official application. If you have seen any story in the official app, then either it won’t be shown in the SnapSave app or it will say ‘already opened in the official app’ those Snapchat stories cannot be viewed or downloaded using the SnapSave application.

To watch any Snap story, tap on the play button and it will play the story that you tapped on. But the difference here is that the SnapSave story provides the download button which is located at the bottom left corner of the screen. Tapping on the download button will let you download the Story you were hooked on to.

Even though SnapSave is not an official application and might be violating a few rules stated by Snapchat, it still works fine and is definitely the only answer to the question ‘How to save pictures from Snapchat’