Qooapp apk Free download for android & ios

Downloading English versions of games from Google Play is not a rocket science. Just search for the game you want, download, and install. It is as simple as that. But when it comes to downloading games that are restricted and allowed only in a specific region, things go difficult. Along with language issue, users also have to face blocking from the developers. They actually don’t want their game to be distributed across all countries at the same time because the developer has to translate, enhance, and update the app according to a country’s regulations and law.

However, there are ways to install Asian games and apps from Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Play Store. Most people use a third-party download app to get these games. In that case, these online stores are not free from virus. Such kind of apps might send virus to your device with apk file. Instead, there are two safe options. The traditional way is to change the VPN of your phone to IP address of another country. Other option which is both safe and simple is using Qooapp apk. In this guide, we will focus on Qoo app APK English. This app market makes life of gamers a lot simple to download any games from Asian market.

What is Qooapp?

qooapp apk

QooApp APK is an alternative app market to Google Play to download all the hottest games from Korea, Japan, and China. Indie games are also supported in the latest QooApp APK English. Qoo app APK download is very safe to use as you can download all the games straight from Google Play server.

QooApp APK is a one-stop destination for Asian video games. From QooApp iOS apk, you can download plenty of Android games straight to your tablet or Smartphone. You can download games that are inspired by Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Naruto, and One Piece, and other popular franchises.

It is really very simple to use Qoo app apk. It has got very user-friendly interface categorized into several tabs. The first tab lists all the video games based on popularity, second tab lists all the games which are coming soon, and last tab has featured events.

To download games from QooApp APK, there is no need to sign up. Just select the app, tap the download button of the game you like, wait for a while, and download the game. You can now enjoy your favorite Asian video games for free.

QooApp iOS apk is very amazing alternative to look for region-locked video games on your iPhone or iPad. Most of the games you can download from QooApp iOS apk will be available in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

Download Qooapp apk quickly from below link


How to download and Install Asian Android Games using Quoapp?

It is very easy to download Korean, Japanese and Chinese Android games with Qooapp apk. With Qooapp APK download, dealing with English restrictions from Google Play has never been so easier. Just search or browse the app, download and install, and you are ready to go. You can also update your games whenever you want.

QooApp APK English is such an easy and simple app to download games from Google Play server in your region. For foreign users, downloading games from Japan, Korea, and China is often a trouble because Google Play locks the download in other regions.

Do check out the below video for better understanding about Qooapp!


Is QooApp Safe?

It is quite a widely-asked question users often ask on forums as they are concerned with safety and security of this app. We have done proper analysis on this app as well as its permissions and it is found “Completely Safe” to install and use, as it doesn’t need any special permission to be used on your device. It doesn’t need any call records, access to messages, contacts, data connection, and gaming history.

Qoo app apk is a Chinese app which is a trusted alternative to download Asian mobile games. QooApp APK English has proven to be very reliable and simple to use. The best part of QooApp apk is that it keeps track of all the well known Asian Android releases and automatically updates their APK.

Qoo app APK English works just like Google Play in action. It allows users to browse games according to genre and language, download it from the app without any region limitations. QooApp iOS apk also has screenshots and user ratings like Google Play. However, descriptions are not always in English. Most of these are in Chinese and other languages.

QooApp apk free download

The only issue with Qoo app APK download is that it is not available on Google Play. Don’t worry just download it from the below link.

  • You can download it to your Android device directly or to your PC and transfer it through USB.
  • Run and install apk file of QooApp on your device.
  • Once it is installed, launch the app and start downloading geo-locked apps

If your tablet or phone browser has trouble opening the website and separate tabs or Qoo app APK free download doesn’t start automatically, you may instead get QooApp APK download on your PC, upload it to Mediafire, Mega or other services, and type the URL on your device’s browser to get the app.



Qoo app APK download is now available in the international version with support of over 11 international languages, along with English. So, there is no need to look for a separate English version of QooApp APK download. 

No matter you are in India, UK, US, Canada or any other country and want to play Asian apps on your device, use QooApp or change your Google Play location through VPN. Keep in mind that the choice is based on your usage and needs. With QooApp apk download, you have a lot of choices to download and access Japanese and Korean apps available only in specific regions.