OG YouTube – Awesome YouTube Downloader With Extra Features

YouTube certainly doesn’t have everything!

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim had done a great job by inventing this awesome video streaming portal where decades of videos are uploaded in minutes. Google too played an integral role in promoting the app – the company was smart enough to see its potential and gave it the support it needed.

YouTube has grown leaps and bounds, introducing exciting features in every major upgrade. Yet they have missed out on a lot. The most sought after “download” feature wasn’t introduced since quite long, and now when they have introduced “YouTube Offline”, it still can’t beat the traditional video downloading experience. It’s a deliberate move of course, for YouTube wants us to visit them now and again!

An organization called OGMods creates modded versions of various apps to overcome the limitations and introduce new features in them. They have introduced OG YouTube – the modded YouTube to overcome your problems. OG Youtube Downloader is the solution to the difficulties we are facing.

This article deals with the OG YouTube APK in complete detail. It also has the OG YouTube APK Free Download link in the end. So get some coffee and read on!

Features of OG YouTube that MATTER!

As said before, OG YouTube was created with the purpose of bringing in the features we need in YouTube. So what are these features? Well, the below mentioned list of features of OG YouTube Downloader APK will help you figure that out:

Everything YouTube has

OG YouTube is the combination of YouTube plus more features. OG YouTube downloader is ultimately going to greet you with the same interface and the basic features YouTube has. You can view videos from your favorite channels, search them, like them, share them and even watch them again if you want to. Everything you loved in YouTube is still here with OG YouTube APK!

OG YouTube Downloader APK = YouTube + Plethora of Features

OG Youtube 1

Thus, download OG YouTube and unlock the world of features your friends crave for!

Download YouTube videos in any desired quality

Almost every YouTube user wishes YouTube officially introduces this feature. But since we know they don’t, we can definitely rely on OG YouTube downloader for this task. Download OG YouTube APK and let it take of everything else to download – as simple as that.

OG Youtube 2

You have full command over the download quality as well. Depending upon your needs and availability, you can download videos from as low as 140p to as high as 1440p. OG YouTube Downloader can download in any desired quality provided it’s available with YouTube.

The reason why I hate other YouTube downloader apps for Android is that they hardly ever work. TubeMate was the app everyone relied on, but never ever did it work for me. External websites like SaveFrom and VideoGrabby do work, but who on earth would like to switch between YouTube and browser window time and again? Take this piece of advice from me, instead of begging and praying in front of shit YouTube downloader apps for Android, download OG YouTube APK and make everything simple!

Download multiple videos

Yes, you’ve heard it right! OG YouTube supports multiple downloads simultaneously! I don’t think any other app supports that, neither does any external website! Still want to rely on YouTube downloader apps for Android?

The main advantage of batch YouTube downloads is that you don’t have to wait for a download to complete to start another one. You can begin the download at once and let it do the work! OG YouTube Downloader lets you “set and forget”.

Just so you know, OG YouTube APK shows your downloads under the “OG Downloads” section which can be accessed from your main menu.

Download subtitles

OG Youtube 3

What? Are you kidding me? OG YouTube allows you to even download the subtitles of the videos you’re watching! Of course, you might need the subtitles if you can’t catch up the words quickly – it’s quite normal for non-native English speakers.

I am sure that you must be fascinated by the features of OG YouTube by now. You’ve got a plenty of reasons to download OG YouTube – and many more are yet to come.

Play videos in background

OG Youtube 5

Not many of you would need this feature, but you will still find it helpful at times. What if you are playing your favorite song on YouTube and want to play a game simultaneously? Will YouTube let you do it! No, but OG YouTube downloader definitely will. OG YouTube downloader APK keeps the videos on in the background while you switch to another task!

Play videos in Popup Window

Ever tried running a video app which lets you open videos in popup mode? OG YouTube exactly lets you do that!

OG Youtube 4

OG YouTube can pop-out your videos so that you can enjoy them while doing something else simultaneously.

Man, I gave you so many features of OG YouTube 4.5.17 download that you would probably be overwhelmed! OG YouTube APK Free Download is the road to infinite possibilities….

Do you still need another reason to download OG YouTube? No worries if you do, there are more features to be covered.

Download MP3

Have a song to download? No worries. OG Youtube APK Free Download can help you with that as well. OG YouTube works as YouTube to MP3 APK. Meaning, it is capable of download MP3 from a video directly, without actually having to download the video.

Thus, you don’t need to download any other YouTube to MP3 APK with OG YouTube.

Pressing back twice stops the video

This isn’t a feature exactly, but it’s something you should know while using OG YouTube. Pressing the back button on your device twice causes the video to exit – something not possible on YouTube.

Things that can go wrong with OG YouTube

It’s not guaranteed that OG YouTube will work as you expect in all the devices. There are some glitches in the app that can’t be rectified.

There are some devices wherein some features are not supported. On the other hand, there are a very few models where OG YouTube downloader doesn’t work at all. It just keeps on giving “OG YouTube has unfortunately stopped working” message. While trying the app out in one of my devices, I was troubled by this error time and again until I decided to uninstall it.

Moreover, YouTube basically has two different players, EXO and MDX. Your device probably supports at least one of them. If your device works on the MDX one, you will be completely devoid of the background video feature.

The chances of problems are rare. But if they pop-up, you will surely be in big trouble!

Final Words

I hope you liked my review of OG YouTube – the best amongst the YouTube downloader apps for Android. It’s entirely dedicated towards downloading – you can download videos of any quality, subtitles, simultaneous downloads and lots more. The YouTube to MP3 support makes it even more appealing!

If OG YouTube works like a charm on your phone, hearty congratulations! You’ve just unlocked a hell lot of features! If not, try running on some other device!

What are your thoughts on OG YouTube’s review? Let us know your views in the comments section below!