LMT Launcher: How to Download and Use it?

LMT Launcher is one of the best customisation apps that afford you the opportunity to perform some quick actions with the free utility app. This is in keeping up with the outstanding features of many popular ROMs such as CyanogenMod and Paranoid that offer on-screen navigation.

This feature is available under the ROMs’ PIE Control that offers the users’ on-screen navigation buttons that can be launched by swiping their mobile devices from the edge of the screen. The goal is to reduce the stress of operating a device and thus make it easier and faster for you to operate your device.

The good news is that LMT Launcher app can be installed on Android smartphone or tablet devices. After the installation, you can customise all the 10 regular buttons and the other long-press buttons too.

One of the requirements for using this launcher is root access. This is a necessity because the launcher serves as a replacement for system files. Therefore, it is imperative that you ensure that your device is rooted before clicking the LMT Launcher Download.

How to use LMT Launcher?

In order to use this tool on your device, you must do these:

  1. You need a rooted tablet or smartphone.
  2. Download the latest version of the app with the latest LMT Launcher Download option on the app’s website.
  3. Use ES File Explorer to install the downloaded app.
  4. Open the app and start the launcher by hitting “Start/Stop TouchService.”
  5. If you want the app to auto-start whenever you reboot your tablet or smartphone, set its “Autostart TouchService” to 1. That will ensure that you don’t miss out on using this app for any reason.
  6. If you want the gestures to work perfectly, you need to set its “Set gesture input.” Setting this will give you a list of devices from which you can select your device. If your device is not listed, try another device with similar specifications with your device.
  7. When you are through with that, test the newly-installed PIE control on your device by swiping from the centre of your screen to the right side. When you do, PIE control will be shown.
  8. If you’re not comfortable with the colour, you can change it in the settings. Check “Pie Colors” to change the PIE control’s colour.
  9. If you want to customise your device’s PIE Control buttons, go for it. Go to the PIE Settings and customise both the 10 regular buttons and the 10 long presses.

This is the step-by-step approach you can use to easily install and customise PIE Control on your mobile device to make it easier and faster for you to use it after downloading the app with the LMT Launcher Download option on many sites.

You can also download the LMT Launcher apk file through AtoZ Downloader; you must install this safe and free downloader first before using it for downloading LMT Launcher.

LMT Launcher apk offers some other functionality. These include:

  • ISAS
  • Gestures

You can go directly back to your home screen by disabling the navigation keys. Set up the ISAS after disabling the keys and you can automatically access the home screen. To set this up, use the “Set Gesture Input” option.

How to set up Gestures and ISAS?

ISAS and Gestures are some of the most important features of the LMT Launcher. These two are collectively known as the invisible swipe areas. These are the invisible parts of your screen where you can execute an action by swiping your screen to.

To unleash these features, you do the following:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Press the “Set gesture input.”
  • Select your device type from the list.
  • Press “Set TouchService Mode.”
  • Select either Gestures, ISAS, and Pie or Gestures and ISAS. You can use the default settings or tweak some of the basic settings to suit you.
  • Swipe your device to the Gestures menu when you are through. Select the preferred action you want to associate with the gestures.
  • If you opt for ISAS, swipe the device to the ISAS menu.
  • From the menu, select your preferred “Invisible swipe areas.”
  • Select the actions you want to connect with the areas.

How to customise LMT Launcher’s pie?

I have earlier mentioned that you can customise your LMT Launcher’s pie. That is true. How can you do that?

The Settings menu contains some sub-menus. One of the sub-menus is Pie control. If you click this sub-menu, you will have the opportunity to customise the following:

  • The activation area. You can select the side of the screen you want to use for activating the pie.
  • The length and thickness of the activation area.
  • You can also change the pie colours.
  • Both the outer and inner radii of the pie can also be customised
  • You can also change the pie status info font and colours.

During the customisation, you can also include toggle commands, navigation commands, and some apps to the pie via the Settings option. To ensure that you enjoy your customised pie, any changes you make will be automatically saved.

You can choose from a long list of control or actions to assign each of the buttons on the Launcher’s PIE. The available options include:

  • Search
  • Launch any app.
  • Next app (if you have any)
  • Launch a web page.
  • Toggle Wi-Fi.
  • Give you the list of the available apps.
  • Open the notification bar.
  • Kill the current app.
  • Search long-press
  • Menu

When you assign different tasks to the buttons on the PIE, you will have fast access to all the tasks you can perform on your device.

You should endeavour to install the LMT launcher’s apk file on your device and have free access to all the functionalities of your device. The pleasure of having absolute control over your device and the added privilege of getting things done faster and easier on your device is another important benefit of the LMT Launcher that you shouldn’t dare to ignore. It will take you a few seconds to use the LMT Launcher Download for downloading this app.