What is Camfrog? How to Download Camfrog Pro Apk

Camfrog pro is an instant messaging client and video chat that was created in 2003 by Camshare. This video chat app allows the users to meet other people from all around the world in video chat. Single users can also find life partners in the chat rooms.

If you are a Camfrog user and enjoy broadband Internet connections, you can personally host your personal video chat room and moderate it. Based on the personal preferences of users, they can host video chat rooms because the Camfrog Server software gives offers them that privilege.

Over the years, Camfrog has undergone a lot of changes and has new innovations added. For instance, Virtual Gifts was introduced into Camfrog in 2008. Two years later, Camfrog was acquired by Paltalk while new software was introduced into the video chat client in 2015. The new software, known as Ribbit, makes meeting people possible for Camfrog users by simply swiping through all the live videos on the software. Every day, over 150,000 of video and audio calls are made via Camfrog while the users also watch 72 years of video are equally watched daily on the platform.

When you visit the main menu of the Camfrog Video Chat Pro, you have multiple users connected to the platform via their devices: iPod, iPhone, Mac, iPad, Android, or PC. There are also tons of chat rooms to choose from and select a user that you want to connect with.

There are different versions of this app for downloading. There is the Camfrog pro apk 7.0, Camfrog pro apk 5, and other versions to download. You must download Camfrog pro apk of your preferred version if you hope to use this app.

To make the app available to the general public, Camfrog has a free version for all potential users. This allows any interested user to use the app to connect with friends and family regardless of their financial status.

On the other hand, if you are financially buoyant, you can choose from the different plans outlined on Camfrog website. The plans are:

  1. Pro

This is the cheapest and the most affordable plan offered by the Camfrog owner. For as low as a little less than a monthly subscription fee of $4 only, you have access to these features:

  • You can stream unlimited videos from the platform.
  • Your nickname will be written in green to make you stand out.
  • Sometimes, you may have been turned off by ads while shopping online or searching for some pieces of information. As a Pro member, you are protected from ads to enable you to have a fun-filled experience that is devoid of any distraction.
  • Most of the pop cams will also automatically open for you as a pro member as well.
  1. Extreme

If you want more features, the Extreme plan offers a couple of more features than offered by the Pro plan and is a bit more expensive at over $7 monthly subscription fee. In addition to all the pro features, you will enjoy these features as the Extreme plan subscriber:

  • You will stand out when your nickname is written in purple.
  • Since there is more than one chat room on the platform, your Extreme membership allows you to join multiple chat rooms as you increase your chances of meeting new friends or a potential mate.
  • There are also several popular cams on the platform. While most of them are hidden from the general public, you can have unrestricted access to these popular cams if you subscribe to the Extreme plan.
  1. Gold

For as much as $38 you can join this elite group. Members of the Gold plan enjoy enviable features of the app. They have access to these awesome features:

  • 25 VIP messages
  • They can enter five rooms simultaneously.
  • A gold nickname.
  • You can change your display name as often as you want.

Note that the monthly subscriptions for the plans are charged annually. So, you may calculate the total payment when contemplating subscribing to any of the plans. You will get value for your money if you download Camfrog pro apk.

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If you are a Windows user, there is good news for you. Camfrog pro apk android 7.0 has some offers that will allow you have a unique user experience when using the app. For instance, you will enjoy these services:

  • You don’t need a webcam to see people in the video chat rooms.
  • The app can’t be stopped by routers, firewalls, or any wireless network.
  • You can easily find interested users to engage in video chat with. Alternatively, you can use the user directory to find interested users to chat with.
  • What is more, you have access to the world’s leading social media platform, Facebook. You will enjoy Camfrog pro apk android 7.0’s built-in Facebook instant messaging and have unrestricted freedom to connect with as many people as you want on this social media.

How to download Camfrog pro apk

Since this is a video chat app, you can only use this app if you have it on your device. This requires that you download the app on your device. If you have been wondering how to download Camfrog pro apk, follow this step-by-step guide and have the app downloaded on your device in no time:

  • Visit This link on your phone.
  • Once apk is installed on your phone,  run it, and it will be isntalled on your phone. Make sure you have enabled the unknown sources to install the apps in the setting of your phone.

The Camfrog pro apk android 7.0 and other versions are always available for your personal use. It is your license to the outside world, an opportunity to connect with people around the world. If you are passionate about widening out, download Camfrog pro apk and open the window to the outside world.

Note: You can get Camfrog from Playstore as well. However, if you want to install from Apk, above link will work.