10 Best Android WiFi Analyzers

Have you ever used a smartphone without a dependable internet connection? Well, some people can’t ever imagine having to use such a phone that is as good as dead. Although there are Chrome pages and other games you can keep for using offline, such offline games and pages can’t beat the pleasure of using an active Internet connection. Nothing can be as frustrating as having to contend with slow WiFi connection while attempting to stream movies on Netflix. How can you address this problem? WiFi analyzers will be of use.

10 Best Android Wifi Analyzers

  1. WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer was designed to assist you to get an understanding of how your network channel functions via a visual representation of the channel. This WiFi analyzer for iPhone offers you a chance to get the best speed for your channel.

Whenever you launch this app, you will be presented with a graphical representation of all the available networks in your area. The strength of the network is measured by the height of the signal on the graph. Higher graphs simply imply a stronger connection.

If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of each channel, there is an eye icon on the graph, tap it and select any channel rating. This will give you a list of all the channels and their star ratings.

  1. OpenSignal

OpenSignal is one of the best Android wifi analyzers which is worth of your consideration. It can assist you to make the right choice as it contains information for both Wi-Fi coverage map and the mobile network. Other valuable pieces of information it provides include Wi-Fi hotspots and cell phone towers. This information will assist you to know where you can get the best data coverage and the worst places for data coverage as well.

The beauty of the analyzer is that it doesn’t bore you with cellphone towers you don’t really need but provides information about those that are related to the mobile operator you subscribe to. You can also switch to a better Wi-Fi if you are not satisfied with the speed of the one you are currently using.

  1. NetX

NetX is one of the best android WI-Fi analyzers with all the right features. This amazing analyzer with an impressive UI and the ability to identify the device you are using. More so, you can have the knowledge of all the networks within your vicinity as a graph, the same applies to the rating mode as well. So, you can find out the best network you can use, especially a network with the best speed you can ever get without too much traffic to contend with. NetX combines beauty with high performance, making it a good choice as a reputable app to measure Wi-Fi signal strength.

  1. Network Signal Info

This analyzer’s name says it all. The Wi-Fi analyzer for iOS gives you valuable info about network signal. It has proved to be one of the best analyzers and the preferred choice of some people who are interested in having as much information as they can gather about a network. This analyzer offers tons of attractive features including useful visualization and a dependable signal strength indication.

If you concentrate on a network, the analyzer will provide some information such as the Mac address, net capability, and other useful information that will help you make the right choice.

  1. WiFi Signal Strength

This analyzer’s name has said it all. It is one of the best Android wifi analyzers which gives users the detailed information about a Wi-Fi’s signal strength due to its ability to accurately measure Wi-Fi signal strength. For instance, it will give you real-time information about the current situation of the signal strength of whatever WiFi network you are connected to.

Thus, you will find this app useful when looking for the right place in your house where the best WiFi signal strength can be found. This is also useful for locating the best place in your house for installing a Wi-Fi repeater or extender.

  1. ScanFi

Wi-Fi analysis is easy with this analyzer that is one of the best WiFI analyzer apps for Android. It comes fully packed with advanced features for an effortless Wi-Fi analysis. With this app, you can easily retrieve valuable information about wireless networks in your vicinity, check their speed, strength, and other variables. It gives you everything you need to make a decision. You can download this app for free.

  1. WiFi Monitor

WiFi Monitor also belongs to the group of the best wifi analyzers for Android purposely created for Android users. It boasts of an attractive interface that is divided into different sections for ease of use for the users.

The analyzer has a Connection tab where users can find information about the Wi-Fi network you currently use. There is also the Networks tab where you can check the comparison of the existing Wi-Fi networks by using a couple of parameters. With the Strength chart, you can identify where there are weak signals while the Speed chart gives you information about both received and transmitted data.

  1. WiFi channel analyzer

This is a dual-purpose app to measure Wi-Fi signal strength. The app provides comprehensive information about channel traffic to help you understand the best channel that will meet your Wi-Fi need. It also goes as far as making some suggestions about the best channel for you based on traffic. It also offers you the Wi-Fi that promises the highest speed even when operating at the best frequency.

Some other pieces of information the analyzer provide include the number of routers attached to a channel and the strength of the routers. The provided information will help you choose the right analyzer.

  1. Wi-Fi Expert

The Wi-Fi Expert also analyzes Wi-Fi networks and presents the information about the networks to the potential users. As one of the best android Wi-Fi analyzers, it offers them the opportunity to see the connection quality of the networks, their signal strength, and other valuable data about an adjacent channel and co-channel interference.

In addition, it also provides some other useful information such as Authentication/encryption type, IP address, Channel, and other information you can use if troubleshooting the network is the next step.

  1. Wi-Fi Manager

This free Wi-Fi analyzer for iPhone makes Wi-Fi analysis pretty easy by providing all the necessary information about the Wi-Fi. For instance, it will provide you detailed information about the wireless networks in your vicinity and compare them with each other in terms of signal strength. Whenever it detects an unsecured network that is nevertheless open, it sounds a warning sound.

The analyzer also comes equipped with a widget that can automatically turn the connection on or off when you place the widget on your home screen.

Improve your Wi-Fi signal by making use of these analyzers for analyzing their Wi-Fi signal strength to enable you to settle for the right app that will offer you the best signal.