10 Best Android Dialers

Mobile phones have transitioned from the simple call-making device of a decade ago to sophisticated communication and networking gadgets. Although they were primarily designed for call making, they have found some other useful areas of application that have equally turned them into our constant companions. Nevertheless, the use of a mobile phone as a means of communication still holds supreme over other uses. Thus, if you are bored or not satisfied with your Android phone’s default dialer, there are other options you can check out to give your phone a unique look and feel. In this piece, I have compiled a list of 10 best Android dialers you can choose from.

10 Best Android Dialers

  1. ExDialer-Dialer & Contacts

This dialer is extremely simple to use. It is equally fast and smooth and will take your dialling experience to a whole new level. The dialer offers vibration supports whenever you disconnect or connect your outgoing calls.

Best Android Dialers 

You can find the app in over 30 languages and offers geocoder services, providing you with the location information of the caller. This is obviously one of the best android dialers on the market.

  1. Contacts+

This app is another big player in the game. This is a dual purpose and easy dialer with contact feature. The favourite of over 10 million active users, the app has some attractive features that include back up, caller ID, and spam block.

Best Android Dialers 

You can choose from its unlimited themes and over 80 wallpapers while you take full advantage of its birthday reminders to contribute to your loved ones’ happiness on their special days. These awesome features make this app the best dialer app for Android phone users.

  1. Dialer+

Dialer + offers you a wide range of performance-enhancing features. You can easily block unknown people at will, and you can easily control how you receive calls or messages on your device.

Best Android Dialers

The dialer also makes it possible for you to back up all your texts, contacts and dialled numbers to ensure you won’t miss such valuable contacts. This free dialer app is very easy to use and will increase your convenience on the phone.

  1. Quick DialApp: Instant Dialer

This easy call dialer lives up to its name as it offers a very fast calling and dialling services. It is simply one of the best among the several android dialer apps and makes speed dialling a possibility.

Best Android Dialers

It also provides you with an easy access to your contact list with just a touch of a button while its attractive style adds to the overall beauty of the app, making it one of the best dialer apps for Android.

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  1. Swipe Dialer Free

Swipe Dialer Free also has the right features and functionality that books a space for it among the 10 best Android dialers for people who desire a classy and easy-to-use dialer for their Android devices. With a swipe, you can shift from recent calls to contacts, speed dial to favourites, without much fuss.

Best Android Dialers

If you want to explore its rapid search feature, you are free to use the last name to sort your contact numbers.

The app can be accessed in over 15 languages, including Norwegian and Hebrew. You can also index your address book and phonebook according to your specification.

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  1. Dialer One – Free Smart Dialer

Another amazing dialer on this list is Dialer One. Many Android users have fallen in love with this free dialer that gives more than what the default dialer has to offer.

Among the features of one of the best Android dialers is the filter calls done by type and Tone dial. You can also switch between screen by swiping the screen while you have the unique opportunity also to customise the app to meet your demands and needs.

  1. PixelPhone Pro

It is not a fluke that his dialer is mentioned in the same breath with the other awesome dialers on this list. The PixelPhone Pro makes convenient calling a part of your unique experience while using the dialer. Tracking your caller’s location is another feature that you will find useful if you want to know the location of a particular caller.

Best Android Dialers

The free dialer app is highly flexible and can be personalised to your needs. From DIY font size to its colour themes, you have a wide range of options to choose from according to your specific preference.

A unique feature of the dialer is its support for 3 SIM cards. This allows you to auto-select your preferred SIM card whenever you want.

  1. ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

This is an effective and highly powerful dialer that makes organising your phonebook impressively easy. The dialer, one of the best Android dialers, also makes deleting duplicate contacts, blocking spam calls, viewing history, and customising your theme on dialer and call logs a piece of cake.

If you wish, you can block unwanted calls from private numbers and unknown callers without much stress. Unlike other dialer apps, this app offers password protection service to ensure the security of your phonebook history and address book from prying eyes.

  1. Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe

This multipurpose dialer offers more than dialling services alone as it finds its way among the best dialer apps for Android. It is the perfect app if you have tons of activities to perform on your phone simultaneously or at your convenience. It offers so much flexibility of use that you can also incorporate animated GIFs when putting a call across to others.

Best Android Dialers

In addition to its use for getting rid of duplicate issues that arise from Google contact, it is also very useful for managing both your address and phonebook conveniently.

You can also organise your text messages, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Instagram Messenger, and others from a single place.

  1. True Phone Dialer & Contacts

This is an all in one dialer app with functions such as contact management and the ability to edit, view, and create contact swiftly within some seconds. The Multilanguage app can also be used for importing and exporting contacts within the phone while you can also share your contacts with friends and family as a text or vCard.

Best Android Dialers

There is not a better way to improve the look and feel of your android phone dialer than the use of one of the best Android dialers that are briefly discussed here. They will give you a memorable experience with their awesome features and functionalities.