10 Lucky Patcher Alternatives

Mobile apps are the things that every smartphone users tempted to download due to their features. Not all apps are great, but some are so cool that you may not stop yourself from downloading them. Free apps are good, but the premium features are what give you the real feel when it comes to gaming apps especially. Not all of us are ready to pay for premium features, and that is where apps like Lucky Patcher comes to the rescue which enables you to get the root access of the apps and hack it the way you want such as you can remove ads in the free version. You can even use the premium features without paying a dime.

Since Lucky Patcher offers hacking apps to the root level, you can do a lot and enjoy the premium features. Though Lucky Patcher is great, it is always good to have some alternatives to it so that when this doesn’t work for you, you can always have similar apps that can do the same job.

10 Best Lucky Patcher Alternatives


  1. Mod X for COC

It is one of the popular gaming assistant apps which will not only work like a hacking application but with the help of this app, make it possible for your device to get various cheats for your game to get the best gaming experience. It is the app not only supportive to Clash of clans but also the best support to all other games. By using it, you can enter the paid version and hack the gems and coins as well of the game at any time. To make use of it, keep root your device.

Download Mod X for COC for Android

  1. Creehack Master Lite

This application is the best alternative app for the Lucky Patcher. However, it is not popular as other alternative applications. But the thing is it is easy for you to get the paid version apps at free of cost without any hassles. You can also use this application on your device without going through the rooting process. By using this app, you can easily hack any type of games as well as the applications.

Download Creehack Master Lite for Android

  1. Mods Installer

When it comes to games, you can feel difficult to surpass after a certain level of the stage. In this case, people would expect to purchase the coins or gems to complete the stage. However, by installing this amazing application on your device, it will support almost all the games and helps to download the entire package of the game. For your information, it is absolutely free for the user to download and use. It is considered to be the one-click installer and use as per your convenience.

Download Mods Installer for Android

  1. APK editor

APK Editor is the app that helps you edit the APK files of the apps, and when you are able to edit APK file, you can do almost everything like using premium features, removing ads, buy coins without paying anything. You can also remove various app permissions.

Download APK editor for Android

  1. Freedom

Freedom app is always said to be the most favourite Lucky Patcher alternative which you can use to hack into the apps. This application allows you to use the premium features of apps without spending anything as it helps you hack into the app’s root and then you can make changes as per your requirements.

Download Freedom for Android

  1. ROM Patcher

Like another alternative store which comprised of patching and hacking, you can also deal with ROM patcher as well. With this application, you can tap and get any game or file as per your wish. This application supports any types of file with different formats. However, at the same time, you can also easily convert the ROM file to the format you want. This application will work almost in all android devices. For more features to experience, you can access the pro version which is said to be paid.

Download ROM Patcher for Android

  1. Cash for Apps

It is one of such applications which does not support any tricks or hacks that you are experiencing in other apps. With the assistance of this app, anyone can sort out the cash issues. When it comes to usage, you need to keep on trying recommended by this application. Once it is done, you will get a gift card which really works as well.

Download Cash for Apps for Android

Download Cash for Apps for iOS

  1. Cheat Droid

Cheat Droid app is said to be one of the best apps when it comes to Android device to install. It has the feature which helps to cheat the android system and make it more comfortable as per the convenience. This hacking application has some of the common features such as export and import files and more. It is quite easy for the users to access on their device as well.

Download Cheat Droid for Android

  1. Hacker Game

This hacker game application is not a patching application but helps to hack into the games. It is the application will be a treat for the users who know very much about coding. You can create the stuff provided by the hacker’s terminal. Once the coding is matched with the company, and then it is possible for you to enter the server and start to play the games without paying money.

Download Hacker Game for Android

  1. Cheat Engine

This application is an android game hacker, which mainly works for games but not for any applications. When it comes to collecting the gems, coins, and others for games, then you can make use of this application. It mainly supports the paid version of games as well. Once the installation is done with the app on your device, then it is easy for you to hack as per your wish.

Download Cheat Engine for Android


The users of Lucky patcher who all are looking for the alternative apps for your device, the alternatives will surely be the best and give some idea to install further on your device. As we mentioned earlier, some of the apps also have two versions free and paid. So, the users are requested to go ahead according to their wish.